Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well our girls night is over and it was AMAZING!!! I think I am finally caught up on my sleep deprevation.

We shopped out hearts out all day! My had many a laugh, some found amazing bargains, some found the perfect shirt and one even bought a new leather coat. I was told I muct have a pair of skinny jeans...... I still feel not so much. I tried on lots but never found "the ones". I have always been a Silver girl and never did find a pair of skinny silvers to try on. Still not sure if skinny's are the look for me.

We were all pooped after our shopping adventure and headed to our hotel. It is a new hotel that was beautiful and our suite was perfect. We looked like we were staying for a week loaded up with all our shopping treasurers. Once in our room the cocktails were poured with a toast to the girls and we relaxed with some drinks and munchies. This was followed with some relaxation in the hottub and getting ready for our night ahead. The hotel was in a perfect location as we walked to a little resaurant for dinner and the club for later on was directly across the street. After dinner we went back to the suite for some shots and a little freshen up before heading to the club.

We got there early but not too early to get ourselves a table with the perfect view. The club was huge and the band was amazing. We danced the night away and had far too many laughs...or was that cocktails...either way it was a night to remember.

Once back to the hotel we tried to convience the desk to let us use the hottub again. Security was all for it, but unfortunately the desl turned us down. Oh well we made the best of everything till the wee hours of the morning.

Our next day we lazed around and had a fantastic breakfast at the hotel, then headed back to the mall for some more shopping before heading home.

Yes there is much more but what goes on tour, stays on tour.