Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memory Lane

So Saturday night was Girls Night! There were many girls interested in my plans for an old school roller skating night but unfortunatley many were busy. All in all eleven of us laced up and had a blast.... well all but one!

I picked up three of the girls and drove about an hour to the city where the roller rink was. We found a quaint little authentic italian restaurant to have dinner before the fun began. It was very busy so we found a spot at the bar an enjoyed a Bacardi Ras Mojito. MMmmmm is all I have to say. Once we finished our drinks our table was ready and in true italian style we had a meal to die for. I am an advide olive lover and drooled over the array of olives on my olive platter appetizer. Almost as yummy as my fettucini!

After dinner we made our way to the roller rink to hook up with the other girls. We all laced up some old school roller skates, right down to the orange rental wheels! Let me tell you once I had them on a little bit of fear came over me but soon was gone. I seriously forgot how heavy the darn things were. The place was a bit of a dive but we made the best of it and the 80's tunes seriously helped. There was a big groups (about 30) who were all dressed in 80's costumes for a birthday party, which helped make the night even more fun. Without the group the place would have been very empty.

I must say the night brought back so many memories, from the music, the roller skates, the clothes, right down to the songs for couples only. We had many a laugh and no one fell.... mind you one girl put her skates on...crawled to the closest chair and sat the entire night. lol

All in all is was another great girls night!

Now the plans are what to do for the next??? Any suggestions???


Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to the 80's

Yes I will admit it .... I LOVE the 80's!

I grew up in the 80's and would want nothing less. I loved the hair, the music the clothes. It was a time when people could be different and find who they were. Everything was in.... acid wash, pinning the bottoms of your jeans, neon colors, gummie shoes, rubber bracelets....I am only touching the very top.

Anyways I still love and adore the 80's.... and for this reason I have finally got my peeps to....................................

Go roller skating!!! Yay!!!

There is a roller rink about an hour from where we live and Saturday night are ....wait for it..... adult night and ................... 80's mix music! woot woot!!

Now believe me back in the day roller skating was one of my favorite things but I am sure it has been 25 years since I laced up a pair. It doesn't matter, I am always up for a chance to make everyone laugh.

As of now there is about a dozen of us meeting at the roller rink. Some, including me are heading for dinner first and I am sure there will be drinks after to help with the pain!

I can't WAIT!!!

Cheers to the 80's!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Try this Again!

Starting a blog is not the easiest thing...or is it more frustrating then anything??

One writes and opens their sole, yet doesn't know if anyone reads it, if anyone cares, or if one is just wasting their time???

How do you gain followers? How do you become noticed??

I want to know!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Well our girls night is over and it was AMAZING!!! I think I am finally caught up on my sleep deprevation.

We shopped out hearts out all day! My had many a laugh, some found amazing bargains, some found the perfect shirt and one even bought a new leather coat. I was told I muct have a pair of skinny jeans...... I still feel not so much. I tried on lots but never found "the ones". I have always been a Silver girl and never did find a pair of skinny silvers to try on. Still not sure if skinny's are the look for me.

We were all pooped after our shopping adventure and headed to our hotel. It is a new hotel that was beautiful and our suite was perfect. We looked like we were staying for a week loaded up with all our shopping treasurers. Once in our room the cocktails were poured with a toast to the girls and we relaxed with some drinks and munchies. This was followed with some relaxation in the hottub and getting ready for our night ahead. The hotel was in a perfect location as we walked to a little resaurant for dinner and the club for later on was directly across the street. After dinner we went back to the suite for some shots and a little freshen up before heading to the club.

We got there early but not too early to get ourselves a table with the perfect view. The club was huge and the band was amazing. We danced the night away and had far too many laughs...or was that cocktails...either way it was a night to remember.

Once back to the hotel we tried to convience the desk to let us use the hottub again. Security was all for it, but unfortunately the desl turned us down. Oh well we made the best of everything till the wee hours of the morning.

Our next day we lazed around and had a fantastic breakfast at the hotel, then headed back to the mall for some more shopping before heading home.

Yes there is much more but what goes on tour, stays on tour.


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Girls Night

We are heading fastly towards another girls night! Yahooooo!!! Girls nights usually are a bunch of us gathing together at one house or another, surrounded by tons of food, laughter and of course a few cocktails....ok cocktails, wine, shots, and a specialty cocktail of the evening.

Why is it when the guys have a guys night it usually is a week-end away filled with lots of laughter between them that they can't speak about???


This girls night we are heading out on the town!!! The hotel suite is book and we are heading out of town. Can you say shopping, fancy dinner, being spoiled, cocktails and a night of partying, cocktails and our own little secrets! YAHOO!!!

I can't wait for the fun to begin!

ps. How do you know if you are going to be too old at any given dance club??? lol

Friday, January 8, 2010

Coach Bags

What is the fasination with Coach bags these days? Anyone and everyone seems to be carrying a coach bag. Are these bags really that fabulous? Are they worth the $ 500.00? I myself have always bought a bag that catches my eye and use it till it is unusable then start the search for a new one. Last winter I did step outside of this pattern and had to have a purple purse. I found the one that I loved and again used it till it died! On average I go through a bag a season but I have had a few that will last for a few years. I just can't bring myself to paying $ 500.00 for a bag, even though I know it is something I carry everyday. Is this wrong? Yet..... more and more I find myself drawn to the coach bags!!! I want one!!! Should I break down and find the one for me or not??


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OK here's a rant!!! lol Why do stay at home Mom's think they have the hardest job going?? I am a working Mom who is away from the home on average 10.5 hours per day. Luckily the family car pools so an hour of that time we are travelling and can converse on our days without much interuption. Beyond the 10.5 hours per day I am also a hockey Mom which occupies more then a few hours a couple of times a week. I also have to prepare lunches, cook meals, help with homework, do laundry and keep the house clean and in order. When is the Mommy time??? I know numerous stay at home Moms, of which a few have cleaning ladies. These are always the Moms that complain that they are sooo tired and have no time to themselves. Seriously???? When you try to explain to them that they are very lucky to have what they have and be able to stay home, they just don't get it. Have you ever tried to explain to a stay at home Mom that their life is easy compared to most (the working Moms)??? It just doesn't work. I myself am not the stay at home type and love being busy and being a working Mom. I just get tired of hearing from the stay at home Moms how hard their lives are! They need to take a hard look at the average Mom! Any whoo, enough of a rant for today.