Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Memory Lane

So Saturday night was Girls Night! There were many girls interested in my plans for an old school roller skating night but unfortunatley many were busy. All in all eleven of us laced up and had a blast.... well all but one!

I picked up three of the girls and drove about an hour to the city where the roller rink was. We found a quaint little authentic italian restaurant to have dinner before the fun began. It was very busy so we found a spot at the bar an enjoyed a Bacardi Ras Mojito. MMmmmm is all I have to say. Once we finished our drinks our table was ready and in true italian style we had a meal to die for. I am an advide olive lover and drooled over the array of olives on my olive platter appetizer. Almost as yummy as my fettucini!

After dinner we made our way to the roller rink to hook up with the other girls. We all laced up some old school roller skates, right down to the orange rental wheels! Let me tell you once I had them on a little bit of fear came over me but soon was gone. I seriously forgot how heavy the darn things were. The place was a bit of a dive but we made the best of it and the 80's tunes seriously helped. There was a big groups (about 30) who were all dressed in 80's costumes for a birthday party, which helped make the night even more fun. Without the group the place would have been very empty.

I must say the night brought back so many memories, from the music, the roller skates, the clothes, right down to the songs for couples only. We had many a laugh and no one fell.... mind you one girl put her skates on...crawled to the closest chair and sat the entire night. lol

All in all is was another great girls night!

Now the plans are what to do for the next??? Any suggestions???


Friday, April 23, 2010

Back to the 80's

Yes I will admit it .... I LOVE the 80's!

I grew up in the 80's and would want nothing less. I loved the hair, the music the clothes. It was a time when people could be different and find who they were. Everything was in.... acid wash, pinning the bottoms of your jeans, neon colors, gummie shoes, rubber bracelets....I am only touching the very top.

Anyways I still love and adore the 80's.... and for this reason I have finally got my peeps to....................................

Go roller skating!!! Yay!!!

There is a roller rink about an hour from where we live and Saturday night are ....wait for it..... adult night and ................... 80's mix music! woot woot!!

Now believe me back in the day roller skating was one of my favorite things but I am sure it has been 25 years since I laced up a pair. It doesn't matter, I am always up for a chance to make everyone laugh.

As of now there is about a dozen of us meeting at the roller rink. Some, including me are heading for dinner first and I am sure there will be drinks after to help with the pain!

I can't WAIT!!!

Cheers to the 80's!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Try this Again!

Starting a blog is not the easiest thing...or is it more frustrating then anything??

One writes and opens their sole, yet doesn't know if anyone reads it, if anyone cares, or if one is just wasting their time???

How do you gain followers? How do you become noticed??

I want to know!!!