Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Last night was a busy, but not the busy I like type of night. We are preparing for our annual New Years bash. This means that all the little things that have been put off during the Christmas holidays now needs to get done, as well as prep food and ensure everything is ready. I love having parties, especially with friends. We will be having a large gourmet dinner cooked by hubby, followed by LOTS of laughs and cocktails. I am an advid martini drinker and Thursday is my martini nights so I am sure there will be martinis flowing as well as puddin' and champagne. Today I am busy at work and then have to take my little one to hockey school, go back to work, finish the last minute shopping for our party, then head to a hockey game, followed by finish up at the house. I am sure a drink will be in order before the night is done! lol I better be off and get started on the day!

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