Friday, January 8, 2010

Coach Bags

What is the fasination with Coach bags these days? Anyone and everyone seems to be carrying a coach bag. Are these bags really that fabulous? Are they worth the $ 500.00? I myself have always bought a bag that catches my eye and use it till it is unusable then start the search for a new one. Last winter I did step outside of this pattern and had to have a purple purse. I found the one that I loved and again used it till it died! On average I go through a bag a season but I have had a few that will last for a few years. I just can't bring myself to paying $ 500.00 for a bag, even though I know it is something I carry everyday. Is this wrong? Yet..... more and more I find myself drawn to the coach bags!!! I want one!!! Should I break down and find the one for me or not??


1 comment:

  1. My first expensive bag was a coach bag. I can tell you this, The second you hang your new bag in the closet next to all your other bags you will see how much more beautiful it is. YOu will smell it and smell leather, You will touch and it will feel soft, You will carry it around and stand up higher and fellow bag lovers will begin to admire your bag. Beware because once you begin buying designer you will never want to stop! You will also evolve who knows maybe one day you will be posting about your new Louis Vuitton!!!