Wednesday, January 6, 2010

OK here's a rant!!! lol Why do stay at home Mom's think they have the hardest job going?? I am a working Mom who is away from the home on average 10.5 hours per day. Luckily the family car pools so an hour of that time we are travelling and can converse on our days without much interuption. Beyond the 10.5 hours per day I am also a hockey Mom which occupies more then a few hours a couple of times a week. I also have to prepare lunches, cook meals, help with homework, do laundry and keep the house clean and in order. When is the Mommy time??? I know numerous stay at home Moms, of which a few have cleaning ladies. These are always the Moms that complain that they are sooo tired and have no time to themselves. Seriously???? When you try to explain to them that they are very lucky to have what they have and be able to stay home, they just don't get it. Have you ever tried to explain to a stay at home Mom that their life is easy compared to most (the working Moms)??? It just doesn't work. I myself am not the stay at home type and love being busy and being a working Mom. I just get tired of hearing from the stay at home Moms how hard their lives are! They need to take a hard look at the average Mom! Any whoo, enough of a rant for today.


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  1. umm. I will try not to take this personal but here is a thought for you, Maybe you should not put all of the stay at home moms in the same category..Maybe we should be standing together all of us as we are all woman and mom's. I think we call learn from One another. I think being a stay at home mom is especially hard when you have little ones that require so much of you and no matter what you do YOU HAVE to have them with you at all times! At all times!! I don't thing physically the work is any harder than a workings mom I just think stay at home moms don't get to interact with grown ups much, they harley ever get time for themselves and read my first 3 post in my blog you can see what i'm talking about.